Author's Notes| 10 Things you will Find in my Writer's Bag

I have a writer’s book back. This is the bag I take with me pretty much every day to ensure that I am able to utilize any downtime that I have. This list is not everything I have in my bag, but these are the things that I have to have to make sure that I can write successfully. I think the coffee mug may be a debatable item, but I know that I have never been sorry to have it with me. I know that without a doubt if I have these things I can have a successful writing session, no matter where I am. So without further ado, my top 10 writing bag items.

1. Notebooks- I am a notebook writer. I write everything down then put it into the computer. When schools are back in session I buy all the notebooks! I’m slowly starting to switch over to writing pads because it forces me to write on one side of the page. This makes it easier for me to scan on my portable scanner.

2. Pens/Pencils- I personally write in pen. I know writers who swear by a pencil, but I am not the gentlest with my notebooks, so I use a pen because I know it won’t smudge off. I have pens of every size and color and I will always have a basic black, blue and a pink pen. I also have a red one for editing, but as I do most of my editing on the laptop screen that one doesn’t get as much play.

3. Dictionaries and Thesaurus- I have several of these and two small ones I take with me. I swear by them and have dog eared everyone I own. These are also useful for doing writing exercises. Open a page and the first word on the page you open to gets a story or paragraph written bout it. It helps you stretch your writing ability.

4. Lotion- Your hands are going to get dry rubbing across the paper and being in air-conditioned rooms with recycled air. Get yourself one that you love the scent that right for your skin.

5. Coffee Mug- I’m a tea drinker, but I have my little girl boss mug ready to go on those cool mornings or late nights. It’s comforting to have in your hand while you look over your notes, or relax right before you start. I have little tea bags and in case there is a microwave in a break room somewhere I can have hot tea. I’ve just received an insulated tall cup coffee mug with a lid. We’ll see if I like that one better.

6. Water Bottle- I will not leave the house without my water bottle. Will not. My sister got me one with a little infuser in it, so I can steep my tea and drink my tea and drink my water on the go or where ever a water fountain is nearby.

7. Planner- I try to keep to a schedule. Not necessarily for writing, but for all the things I want to accomplish. This requires that I can see what my day, week, or month is going to look like. I know I have to have an article submitted by a certain time then I plan to have it in the day before. Whatever it takes to keep me moving forward.

8. Back Pack/Purse- I love backpacks and suitcases like they are designer purses. I love them and am probably on this side of being an addict. I have a sugar pink backpack I keep my writer stuff in and I love it. It has compartments for my pens, pencils, and a scanner.

9. Cardigan/Hoodie- I am constantly freezing. It’s a talent. If the temperature is below 60 degrees I am going to be no help to you or myself. Knowing this I have a sweater or hoodie with me. It stays in my bag so I don’t leave it at home. I have a really cute one that my sister got me recently, and it has been in my bag for a minute. I’m trying to find one that’s warm but also lightweight. If you have any suggestions comment below!

10. Clipboards- Sometimes you don’t have a surface to write on. Sometimes the coffee shop is full, or you may be riding on a bus. You need a surface to write on, and clipboards are the way to go. They have these new things out called padfolios. I haven’t gotten one myself, because my little one dollar clipboard has been servicing me for years, but if any of you wonderful writers utilize let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m always up for trying new ways to streamline my process.

These are my writing bag staples. What’s in your writing bag? Do you have things that you absolutely just can’t live without? How about your writing desk? Any items that you will absolutely not write without it being there? Comment below!


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