Author's Notes | 10 Things I Use from Amazon When I Write

I’m not going to lie. I spend a lot of time searching through amazon. I don’t always buy everything I see (it’s hard sometimes, but my paycheck tells me to simmer down). There have been a few things that I have bought, that I have absolutely no regrets in getting. These things have found a lot of use within the first six months of me buying them, and I absolutely recommend them to you. As of this time I am not sponsored by anyone ( if you want to change that holla at ya girl), but these are items that I use a lot, and wanted to share with the rest of you wonderful writers out here trying to crush it in the publishing world!

  1. Infusion Pro 32 oz. Fruit Water Bottle Infuser With Insulated Sleeve- I got this is a present, but I know my sister got it for me from amazon. This thing has stayed in rotation in my life since I got it two years ago. I use it as both a regular water bottle and an iced tea bottle. I put lemons and herbal tea in the infuser, and by lunch I have tea!
  2. Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad- I take my Ipad with me for research, and sometimes use it as a laptop when taking out my larger laptop is not feasible. To turn the tablet into a laptop I have a keyboard cover attachment that allows me to write on it. It’s nice because if I run out of power I always have a back up that I can use to finish a scene. Or… you know, play games when I need a break. 
  3. Multi USB Cable, Universal Retractable 4 in 1 Multiple USB- I have things to charge. That’s my phone, that’s my Ipad, or my back up battery. I have a multi USB charger that allows me to charge several things at once. It has been a godsend when there has only been one plug available, and I’ve been using all of my devices. 
  4. Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner- This just got this year, and it’s been pretty nice. If you’ve been with me a minute you know that I have always been a notebook and pen writers. I think it might be because I’m a pantser. I write immediately, and I need to get the story out right then. My portable scanner allows me to go ahead and write it out, but scan in the page I wrote so that I don’t lose any writing or momentum. The best! They have some that are smaller then mine, but this one is charged through my laptop, so I know that if my laptop is on I can scan it. 
  5. BUDI 17W Extra Slim Portable Wall Charger 2-Port USB-A Charger- Sometimes you have outlets, but there is not enough room for a full-on charger. This little beauty is lightweight and can get you ready to charge almost anywhere. you can plug in your USB’s at the bottom, and don’t have to worry about using up all of your laptop USB spaces, or pulling out your bulky charger to charge up small items. 
  6. Saunders Free Standing Clipboard- This letter size clipboard is new to me. I write on the page, so when I type my pages out I need to be able to see what I’m doing side by side without looking down repeatedly. This seems to be working for me so far. It’s the newest item on this list at less than six months of use. However, I have no complaints thus far. I’ll know if I’ll keep it in rotation over the course of the next six weeks are so. 
  7. Jiecikou Foldable Foam Sitting Pad for Outdoor Activities-This is nice because sometimes you are at a venue and there is nowhere to sit. Correction there was nowhere to sit. You can now pull out your little sitting pad, and get to work. Maybe there is nowhere near you that has an outlet near buy (this happens more often to me at conventions) this little mat will save your tuckus as you happily charge your items. 
  8. Smartsails Foldable Purse Hook- Sometimes you are in a bathroom where there are no hooks, and you don’t want o put your pack or anything for that matter on the floor. Maybe there is no room to put anything else on the table, but you need the bag nearby. Whatever the reason this little hook may come in handy. I love it, and honestly enjoy not having to bend all the way down in my set to reach something. 
  9. CCIVV Stylus Pen 2 in 1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip for Touch Screen- At almost 8 months I have no complaints about this stylus. It’s light pink ( I know, I know), and it has a little guide to keep you from pressing too hard on your screen or scratching the surface. It also helps you sketch out your ideas and take notes.
  10. True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Pack (Pack of 100)- So I love lemon water, but I don’t always want to pack around a whole lemon. These little packets are real lemon juice that has been turned into flavor crystals for the enjoyment of you and I. They come in different sugar-free flavors like lemon-lime, berry, and grapefruit as well. I keep a handful of these in my bag, and it keeps me out of the drink machine in the break room. 

What are some of your favorite amazon buys for writing? Comment below and let me know! I love hearing about innovative ways that writers get there job done. 



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  1. tedra

    This is a nifty little list. I may need some stuff now. lol

    1. SLWilliams

      Lol let me know what you end up picking up!<3

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