Broken Magnolias| Unicorns Lie Too

I walk back to my village tears slipping down my cheeks as I walk into the square where my mom waits with a slight frown.  She sighs and looks up just as I enter the village, I can see the shock and surprise on her face as she sees the white flower. Her frown immediately becomes the joy that she sees on my face.  I run to her and hold her tightly. We are both unable to let each other go. She whispers about how worried she had been, and that she had just known that I was going to run away.   

So caught up in my mother’s and my relief, I forget that the town had been waiting with her.  I hear the town cheer through my dazed relief I almost crush my flower as we embrace.  I look around and accept the congratulations, and look over at Mary and smile. I walk over to her and hand her my flower. She looks at me a bit suspiciously and shrugs. She smiles and congratulates me. I laugh and play as the day wares on all of my fears having floated away

When we get home my mother tells the family what happened. We have to restrain my brother from going over to the Miller’s house. He argues saying that he shouldn’t get away with what happened. Mom shakes her head and tells them that I have my flower, and my future has been assured once more. She tells them that we should try to forget about it for my sake and theirs. My father obviously agrees with his son. He tells her that they must do something before it happens to some other girl. My mother points out that, even if they did go over there, he could deny it now that I have the flower. After all unicorns don’t give flowers to girls who are impure. That stops them, and they shake their heads in frustration. I know how they feel. That helpless feeling. There is nothing that can be done. I can only hope that we can forget this and move on.

We sit there just holding each other for a while.  My brother repeating what my mom said about everything being okay.  My mom goes into the kitchen to finish my birthday meal, and my father goes outside for a walk.  He says he needs to clear his head. My sister moves to my brother’s lap.  After all she doesn’t like to be ignored.   I’m not innocent any more, but nor am I jaded.   My father wants to go to the magistrate tomorrow morning. I think he needs to see justice done more then I do.  My brother gives me a soft semi-reassuring smile, and I give him a small one of my own. After all it’s my birthday, and tomorrow is another day.

© SL. Williams 2015


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