Broken Magnolias | It's a Beautiful Night Isn't It?

There were days that Jonathan would go off alone. I didn’t mind. I assumed he went to the arms of a local village girl. If I was honest with myself I could admit that the thought bothered me. I never begrudged him his time alone, but I was jealous that he was able to find what I could never dream of asking for. Many girls received their flowers over the summer, it seemed there was little else to do during the winter months. 

The whispers from the townspeople about me being a witch seemed to grow louder as the seasons began to turn towards the winter. The voices o my family were starting to get drowned out by the Miller’s son and the village wives. I was not worried.  It was just whispers, and I had my own worries to attend to. I could tell by the faraway look in Jonathan’s eyes that he would leave soon. 

“It’s a beautiful night. Isn’t it?” I ask trying to make conversation in vain. 

He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t have to. I knew I wouldn’t have him much longer. It was the way he would look towards the setting sun, or the close way watched the animals of the forest begin prepping through the fall. How he would watch me when he didn’t think I was looking. I would just continue to sew not knowing what to say. I was not his wife, and he couldn’t touch me without me running a mile in the other direction. Bitterness filled me at a curse that was as much my fault as the Miller’s son. Jonathan nodded, and picked up the pipes, and began to play. The rest of our night was spent in silence. 

My dreams however were another story entirely. 

My dreams had become darker as of late, and this night was not any different. My sleep was fitful and full of nightmarish images that would not leave me alone. I was sixteen again and running through the forest.  I could hear heavy footsteps coming after me through the brush. I could hear the same limbs that snagged at my gown breaking behind me. 

“Mother Father!” I screamed, but it didn’t do any good. I was alone but for whatever was chasing me. 

I made it to a clearing, and once I looked around I knew it was the worst place for me to be. There was nothing to hide behind or shield me from what was coming. I frantically looked around for a weapon and found nothing but small stones. I looked to the line of trees in front of me, and the darkness seemed to spread out and wrap around me. I was trapped, and that realization did nothing to slow the beating of my heart. I picked up several stones and waited to confront whatever followed me. 



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