Author's Notes| How to Handle Criticism

You’ve done it! You’ve slain your dragon, defeated your arch-nemesis, and printed your book! You’ve put it out there for the world to read, and you’re waiting for the praise that comes from that. However, it doesn’t. In fact, you get some people who absolutely hated your book. Your good feeling has been deflated and you are asking yourself why did you even try. Fear not we are goin g to talk you down from the ledge with this little thing called the truth. 

First, I need you to take a deep breath and walk away from the computer. You are going to be too upset to make any rational descisions, and may even be tempted to respond to the posters. Don’t do that. They are entitled to their opinions, and bought the book. It will not serve you well while you’re trying to build a following. It may even come out as sour grapes. 

Second, the opinions reflected by the few (and I emphasize few) bad reviews that you get will be outweighed by the amount of good reviews that you will receive. Do not fret, you will get reviews from people who enjoyed reading your book. Even if it is not right away you will get some eventually. You worked hard on your book, and what you learned from that process can not be taken away from you. 

Third, though painful at first what you read may make you a better writer. Especially if it is the same criticism over and over again. This is a chance to pull back your story and maybe rework it or fix it in the next novel. You will have to own that you won’t get those readers back. However, fixing the issues that you ran into with your first book will gain you more readers. 

Fourth, and my final point. It is going to hurt. It’s going to make you angry you are going to want to cry. You are allowed to feel these emotions. Cry if you need to, but you will bounce back even stronger. You were meant to be a writer. Take some time away from them. Mull over them for a week, and go out with your family. Talk to your writing crew and talk several types of noise about the  comments with them. Laugh about it, and shake it off. You have stories to write. 

You are an author and regardless of what is said about your book. Good or bad, you’re going to keep moving. You are going to keep writing. You’re going to publish your books, and you’re going write amazingly! 


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