Author's Notes| My Writing Miracle Morning Routine

So, by the time you read this, I will be on the road to my writing miracle morning journey. I read the book Miracle Morning for Writers by Hal Alford. Let me say beforehand that this is not an endorsement of the book or the system, but having read through the book it was something that I wanted to try to make my writing a priority. To give you a little background, out of the four productive archetypes I am a bear (the others are lion, wolf, and dolphin). I am at my most productive mid-morning. If you need your taxes done, your closet rearranged, and your life planned out catch me between the hours of 9-11 am. I even have you from 12 to 5. However, at 6… I am winding down for the evening. I notice that when I get home, I am ready to go to my room and hibernate until the sun rises. This made grad school hellish. I work 40 plus hours a week, and I still have things to come home and do. So, I’m slogging through the last hour of work just to come home and slog through classes. Is it worth it? Yes, it absolutely is worth it, however like so many other things that are it’s not easy.


Enter in the Miracle morning. The idea is that getting up that one extra hour a day in a morning routine to do something that is good for me will make me that much more productive. This isn’t limited to writing of course. There is a whole line of books, for sales, student’s, and etc. Hal Alford has a whole equation for creating your own personal miracles. This brings us to my morning. I will start getting up an hour earlier, to fit some writing time in. For someone who likes to snuggle in her blankets until the last minute (especially when it’s cold), this is going to be a bit of a stretch, but I know that it will be worth it to finally finish some of my writing projects and be consistent with my posting and online presence.


What I find interesting about the process is that your morning is honestly going to start the night before. For instance, if you’re a coffee drinker that means that before you go to bed you are going to set the time on your coffee pot prefill it and get it ready so that you have no skips in the morning. You are taking time out on Sunday and getting your outfits ready for the week so you won’t have to guess about what to wear on Monday. As a writer that means that before I go to sleep, I will have my laptop set out with everything I need to perform my writing ritual the minute after I get out of the shower and get dressed for the day. This way I can grab my keys and head out. Like with any regime the first two weeks are going to be the hardest. So, I’m going to give myself a loose but not shaming schedule to get myself used to start my day earlier. I will repost in two weeks to report on what I did, and how I’m doing. I might find something that didn’t work for me, and that’s okay. It’s a process and I won’t know what will until I try it out.


So my sample morning is as follows:

4:30 My Alarm is going to go off. It will get me out of the deep sleep phase so by 5 I’m ready to go.

5:00 My, “You should be up by now, but if not let me remind you that you are supposed to be on your way to a miracle” alarm should be going off.

5:10 I should be into my work out by now.

5:40 Shower and dress! Start tea.

6:00 Get my writing on!

6:40 Check my social media

7:00 Pray, meditate, affirmations

7:20 Head to work

8:00 Get the rest of my day started.

It’s what I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping I’ll see the results I’m looking for.


Now disclaimers. I am not a parent. I have me, my mom, a slobbery pitbull named Queenie, and a part-time cat named Georgette to worry about. So, if you do decide to do a new morning routine it might not look like this. Your mileage may vary. I just made a schedule of what I am willing to do at the crack of dawn. What about those of you who already have a morning routine? How is that working out for you? Has it made your life easier? Have you already achieved your miracle? What did and did not work for you? Let me know below!



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